A Heart and the Border-Comparison

You can select guidelines that have already been proposed and discussed in academic or practitioner literature and/or you can create your own guidelines if you prefer. Answers must not exceed 2,000 words. This is a strict word limit. Draw primarily on material from this module so that it is a valid assessment of your learning on this module. Make sure you fully reference all sources used in your paper using the Harvard referencing style. Text should be 1.5 line spaced, in Arial font size12, and stapled and not clipped to an assignment sheet. And as for all coursework, remember to submit an electronic version on blackboard too. Remember that your view of how much time you need to spend and how much time you have available will be optimistic and too narrow, so open your mind to the possibilities and decide to start earlier and thrash out the main issues so that few uncertainties remain. This assignment could be easy, but then it could turn out to be much, much harder than you expect. This is a challenging assignment. There are no generally agreed right answers but if your analysis or suggestions are let down by misconceptions and logical errors I will notice. I will also notice if you don?t have reasons at all. Write and think clearly because the language and concepts in this area are treacherous and often misused. You will be assessed on how your answer demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the points set out in the module?s ?intended learning outcomes?. Good answers will present a coherent, integrated perspective of a range of issues rather than simply making disjointed observations. This assignment will be assessed in accordance with the criteria and marking scheme set out in the Assessment section of the relevant Programme handbook.

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