How coaching might improve student’s achievement

Post information about coaching you learned from the video(s) you viewed this week by addressing the above prompts. Share your comparison of the two designs, how one or both might be implemented at Magnolia or the school you are working with, and any experiences you have had with these designs.
In this discussion, you will first engage in a “jigsaw” activity to share what you learned about a specific area or aspect of coaching depending on the video you viewed. Address the following:
Share the top three insights or “aha’s” you had related to coaching
Explain how you think coaching if implemented at Magnolia Middle School or the school you are working with, might improve student achievement
Then, consider the lesson study process and how this professional development design strategy relates to coaching. Compare the purpose, process, and key components of these two designs. What do you perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses of each design? What experiences have you had with these designs? Think about context, process, and content considerations that might influence the appropriateness of using either coaching or lesson study to achieve your intended goals

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