Managing changes in organizational structure

Objectives of the Study
The objectives of the study are defined as follows:
• To study the reasons or drivers that lead to changing the organizational structure.
• To study the impact of changes in organizational structure by sharing hierarchy which represents the number of people lead by a management framework and values are different. Thus vertical organizational structure increases the lower levels and horizontal organizational structure is amplified as the transition from a technical and economic compartments to compartments operations.
• To find the effective structure by way of combining human, material and financial condition carrying out the activity required to achieve efficiency and quality and efficiency decision-making system and system configuration information.
• To find the effective way to launch the change in organizational structure the will minimize staff resistance and maximize organizational productivity.
Research Questions
The research questions for this study are:
• To what extent organizational structure is vital for the company?
• What are the possible changes in organizational structure?
• How do these changes affect the organization productivity?
• What are the risk associated with changing the organizational structure?
Scope of the Study
The scope of the study is limited to the exploration and critical evaluation of the process of change management that exists in the organizational structure within the company X. The researcher will carry out a quantitative study on the employees of the organization.

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