Review the video lecture on William Faulkner.

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Objective: Students will read a critical case study of a work by Nobel Prize winning Mississippi author.

  • Read the following: “A Critical Case Study” William Faulkner’s ‘Barn Burning'” pp. 476-505.
  • Review the video lecture on William Faulkner.
  • Review the descriptions of the various critical approaches described in Chapter 55 beginning on page 2025 as you read examples of critics using those approaches in the excerpts that follow the story.
  • Complete the discussion board assignment related to this reading. Discuss this in a minimum of 500 words and give good evidence from the text of the story to back up your claims:What do we learn from the story’s exposition that helps us understand Abner’s character? How does his behavior reveal his character?Respond to the discussions of at least two other class members.

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