Successful Work Strategies from Around the World

For this Portfolio Project, you will research and report on things happening outside the U.S. relative to many of the issues we have covered in this class. Compare and contrast U.S. and global companies doing business around the world and their behaviors within differing geographic borders (and economic systems). In particular, what countries would you consider success stories in today’s globalized economy? What are other countries doing to address work-family dilemmas and social inequalities related to race, class, and gender?

This week you will submit an outline and your reference page. You will turn in this assignment for a grade, and then you will use your work and any feedback to shape your final Portfolio Project

Workplace Stratification: Race, Class, and Gender = module 2
The Working Poor, Labor Organizing, and the Service Industries = module 3
Work-Related Problems and Technology in the Workplace = module 4

Module 5: Technology in the Workplace


Chapters 8 & 9 in The social organization of work
Michelson, H. C. (2013). Small farmers, NGOs, and a Wal-Mart world: Welfare effects of supermarkets operating in Nicaragua. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(3), 628-649
McCallum, J. K. (2013). Global unions, local power: The new spirit of transnational labor organizing. Labour / Le Travail, 75331-333

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