System Integration Project:

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System Integration Project:

You will identify which components and interfaces will be included in the System Integration Project, and you will discuss the advantages and disadvantages specific to your project.
You are now progressing with laying out the framework for your systems integration project. It is important that you identify and develop requirements for all of the major components and interfaces that should be included in this project.
Assignment Guidelines
For this week’s assignment, you will be developing the requirements specification for this integration. You should use all of the tools available to you to elicit requirements (such as one-on-one interviews with all major stakeholders, surveys, artifact reviews, joint requirement specification meetings, and so forth).
New Content
Requirements Specification
Describe the process you used to elicit the requirements.
List of all of the stakeholders and their roles.
Describe of all components and interfaces, including a schematic that depicts them (such as the various layers of integration).
Provide detailed and measurable functional requirements.
Provide detailed and measurable nonfunctional requirements.
List assumptions for the scope of the project.
Discuss the pros and cons of proceeding with the project while giving consideration to the requirements you have defined.
Make sure that the document is in APA format

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