The Challenge of Change

Australia is looking to its older people and women to solve the economic problems forecast in the latest Inter-Generational Report.

The Treasurer Joe Hockey says in the report “to drive higher levels of prosperity through economic growth, we must increase productivity and participation … to achieve these goals we need to encourage those currently not in the workforce, especially older Australians and women, to enter, re-enter and stay in work, where they choose to do so” (IGR 2015 liii).

To meet the challenge of retaining or hiring older workers (those aged 45 years or more), what conditions do older workers of both genders prefer, and what can be done to encourage their interest in working longer?

Particularly consider:
• How the human capital should be best developed,
• Individual retention or employment strategies and
• How more older workers could change an organisation’s capability.
Essay guidelines
 The major essay should be no more than 2,000 words
 Please use 12 point font
 Please double space your essay
 All essays must cite at least eight academic sources.
 All essays should include academic material found on the reading list but also use other academic sources.
 You must distinguish clearly between your own words and opinions and those of your sources. You must do this by providing appropriate citations, using the Harvard method. Failure to provide appropriate citations will see the assignment referred for an academic misconduct investigation. Penalties can be severe.
 Include a reference list on a separate page at the end of the essay, setting out in alphabetical order those works referred to in the essay/paper.

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