The social functions of trans-languaging

(The social functions of trans-languaging among Arabic sequential bilinguals primary school aged children). Please use 15 references scholarly journals articles with APA 6 format, also with the incite reference. Here the instructions to do this work.
1- Define Trans-languaging by 3 or 4 different people.
2- Theoretical framework (Theories).
3- Define Code-switching, and make argument when and why the term “code-switching” changed to “trans-languaging”.
1-Past studies (Code-switching).
-Main focus
-Main findings work (What did people believe about code-switching?)
2-Present studies (trans-languaging).
-Main focus now.
-Findings works (What do people today believe about trans-languaging?)
3-What is missing?? (gap).
4- Then add research question as following:
What key trans-languaging patterns are found in the conversations of bilingual, primary school children from Arabic backgrounds?
This question has two sub-questions:
1-How systematically does the trans-languaging occur?
2-Do the patterns of use indicate the learners have command over trans-languaging?

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